domenica, 1 Ottobre, 2023
domenica, 1 Ottobre, 2023
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Nominee Vows Fairer Distribution of Healthcare Budget

by Petya Petrova
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“I will do my best to contribute to a more just distribution of the Fund’s budget for medical care, supplies, drugs, aids for the disabled, transfers for treatment abroad through regulations and control,” said Stanimir Mihaylov during a hearing at the parliamentary healthcare committee on Monday. He is the only nominee to the post of a National Health Insurance Fund Governor named by Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria.

“I have been nominated by the parliamentary group of Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, but I would like to say that I have no political affiliations and I will continue to act as an expert in everything I do. I accept the nomination with huge responsibility and I will work with all parties in parliament, if I receive broad parliamentary support,” he said at the beginning.

“There are many problems in the healthcare system and their resolution is possible only through deliberate and longterm joint work of all who are involved,” said Mihaylov.

The top priority for the NHIF governor is to finalize the conclusion of the national framework agreements with the Bulgarian Medical Association and the Bulgarian Dental Association in order for medical services to be priced under the new budget and find a balance between providing access to medical and dental care, set out quantity and quality criteria for activities and streamline the administrative burden.

According to Mihaylov one of the key problems of the NHIF is the insufficient information in real time, which according to him is due to the uncompleted stages of integration of the national healthcare information system. He outlined a need to improve the efficiency of healthcare expenditures. Also, Mihaylov outlined a need to improve the drugs policy and regulation through mechanisms for setting lower process of drugs and better control over the purchase of drugs and aids.

A check of medical reports at hospitals is one of ways to improve the work of the NHIF, according to Mihaylov. He said that one of the deficiencies at NHIF is the lack of a unit for assessment of the risk and prevention control based on data from checks.

Policies towards patients should be expanded, which are at the heart of all NHIF services, said Mihaylov. He added that he will try to reduce the administrative burden patients through e-healthcare. 



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