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Parliamentary Committee Adopts 2023 NHIF Budget Draft Law at Second Reading

by Kaloyan Vassev
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The Budget parliamentary committee adopted the draft law on the budget of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) for 2023 at second reading. The Budget Committee held an extraordinary meeting on Monday. The parliamentary portfolio committee approved the draft law on the NHIF budget “revenues and transfers” and “expenditures and transfers” by the sponsor with the final wording of the working group.

The revenue side of the budget for 2023 is expected to receive total revenues and transfers of BGN 7,027.2 million, or BGN 910.9 million more than 2022. Total expenditure and transfers for 2023 are estimated at BGN 7,027.2 million or with BGN 910.9 million more than the amount for 2022. The NHIF budget for 2023 has a balanced budget balance and the amount of the compulsory health insurance contribution for this year is 8%.

The Committee did not adopt the proposals of BSP for Bulgaria to allocate another BGN 120 million for medicines for home treatment of children up to 14 years of age on prescription. The Committee adopted the proposal of the parliamentary group of There Is Such a People (TISP) to add BGN 6,660,000 in the section “Health insurance payments for specialized outpatient medical care, (including complex dispensary (outpatient) monitoring)” for the “Outpatient procedure for diagnosis and assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders”, which has not been paid by the NHIF so far. The proposal of Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) for additional BGN 4 million for medical devices and dietary foods for special medical purposes for home treatment in the territory of Bulgaria was also adopted.



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