giovedì, 28 Settembre, 2023
giovedì, 28 Settembre, 2023
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Tourism Minister Sees No Reason to Resign

by Petya Petrova
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Tourism Minister Zaritsa Dinkova on Monday held a working meeting with mayors of seaside municipalities in Burgas Region. Emerging from the meeting she commented to the media on the demands for her resignation by two hospitality associations. 

“I think that the question of demands for resignation has been overplayed. Tourism is an experience and and what we have to give clients is quality and attitude. My appeal was for them to help me defend the quality of the product, which is offered in Bulgaria,” said Dinkova.

On Sunday, two associations demanded Dinkova’s resignation after she issued a position statement, apparently siding with a group of customers who were charged BGN 500 for three steaks in a restaurant in Varna. Restaurant owners threatened to sue the customer who dared to raise the issue. 

On Monday Dinkova said: “I am not a minister of restaurateurs, I am a minister of clients too. Without clients there is no business. We are all interested to have clients and growth. My appeal was to be more careful towards how we treat clients. In order to defend the 9% VAT rate, which I did successfully for 2023, and I am trying to do for next year too, as data of the Bulgarian Industrial Association show that it is important for the development of the business.” 

According to the Minister, there are hundreds of small and medium sized businesses and families which depend on tourism and the lower VAT rate is very important, She said that her aim is to defend this interest. 

“Our ambition is to develop a quality service. I think a lot of businesses are trying to do that. I don’t see any reason to talk about resignation because I have done my job. The Minister’s job is to balance between the business and the customers. We have to maintain a good image. We cannot demonstrate that attitude in an industry where hospitality and attitude is the basis of the product. Tour operators, hoteliers and small businesses are all in this business. They all have an interest in Bulgarian tourism having a good image. We cannot have this attitude of ‘if you complain, we will sue you’. That is why I appealed for us to be very careful in our attitude towards our customers,” said Dinkova.

She added that she talked with the Health Minister and a meeting is to be held to discuss the issue with emergency care at the seaside. “I have sent a letter, at the beginning of my mandate, in which I appealed to have the right to employ paramedics at the medical stations on the beaches,” the Tourism Minister said

And after the meeting with the mayors Dinkova commented that partnership with local authorities has always been very important to her. “You know that in order to have a successful tourism we need to have both local and national policies. In this regard, I believe that without mutual partnership with local authorities we cannot have success,” she added. The Minister and the mayors of the sea municipalities in the Burgas region discussed important issues related to infrastructure and other topics directly related to tourism. Next week Dinkova will have a meeting with mayors of municipalities at the Northern Black Sea coast.


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