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Consultative Council on Milk Meets

by Lyubomir Gigov
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The Consultative Council on Meet held what its participants described as a “stormy” and “emotional” meeting on Thursday and will meet next to analyze the reverse traceability of the agri-food chain: from shelf to field, so as to identify where and how the value added in end prices is distributed, Bulgarian Agriculture and Food Minister Kiril Vatev told a news briefing.

Taking part in Thursday’s meeting were Deputy Minister Alexander Yotsev and representatives of branch organizations. 

Vatev specified that the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, which is expert in reverse traceability, and the National Revenue Agency, which is versed in invoices and the discrepancies in them, have been conducting a joint check for a month and a half now, and “it is producing very interesting results back in the chain.” He specified that the check will reach the farm.

“We are tasked with increasing the production of fruits, vegetables, milk and honey, and we are seeking to engage in a dialogue precisely in these sectors involving all, from traders to primary produce producers, so as to identify the problems,” Yotsev commented. 

Replying to a question, Vatev said that because of the hectic work of his Ministry it is impossible to say now when the Council will meet next.

Answering another question, the Minister reiterated that prices cannot be regulated by administrative order and depend on the market only. “We can analyze and say what is going on and where, and on this basis we can take measures against farm closures and farmer bankruptcies,” he added.



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