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giovedì, 28 Settembre, 2023
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Bulgaria: The Monument to Soviet Army in Sofia may Not be Moved until the End of the Year – – Sofia News Agency

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The monument to the Soviet Army in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia may not be moved from the “Prince’s Garden” until the end of the year, according to a press release from the Sofia District Administration.

From there, they specify that numerous assessments and analyzes are needed for the relocation of the monument, as well as restoration of the project documentation of the monument, which the regional governor Vyara Todeva is committed to.

As of today, the regional administration cannot commit to a specific deadline for finalizing the project within this year, the announcement states.

Meanwhile, the left political coalition “Levitsata!” made a tent camp in front of the Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia. The political formation is against the plans of the local and state authorities to dismantle and relocate the monument.

Four tents were pitched in the space in front of the monument. Next to the tents are placed photos of monuments to the Red Army, which are located in cities in Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

“Levitsata!” demands an end to the war against historical heritage and monuments. Leader Maya Manolova said:

“The danger that the monument will be removed to serve the interests of right-wing forces before the elections in Sofia is real. And we from ‘Levitsa’ are here to oppose this attempt to desecrate and insult history. Such monuments, as we have shown, are built in a number of European capitals, the Red Army contributed to the liberation of Europe from fascism”.

Rumen Petkov added: “People, be vigilant. Be vigilant, because I have the feeling that we are returning to a regime that we thought was long forgotten.”

Hristo Kolev noted that the memory should not be destroyed: “From ‘Levitsata’ we are against the removal of any monument. A monument cannot be pushed to be dismantled, the memory of the people who left their bones cannot be desecrated”.

The tent camp will remain in front of the Monument to the Soviet Army until the danger of its removal has passed.

The pro-Russian “Vazrazhdane” party also announced that they will organize volunteers who will together guard the Monument to the Soviet Army.

Last week, the procedure for moving the Monument to the Soviet Army from the center of Sofia was launched. The Council of Ministers decided to convert the territory around the monument from public to private state property.

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