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Bulgaria’s PM: There is Dual Power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency

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bulgaria’s pm: there is dual power in the ministry of internal affairs – novinite.com – sofia news agency, Bulgaria’s PM: There is Dual Power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov

According to Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, there is currently dual power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and this can seriously hinder the work of the government. He specified that the restructuring of the security services should be discussed at the state level so that there are no “white spots” in their work, as there are now. The Prime Minister added that if he were in the position of the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he would resign in this situation, BTA reported.

Denkov believes that criminals can take advantage of this type of dual power that occurs in this ministry while people continue to suffer. He clarified that if the president does not sign a decree for the release of the chief secretary, things can be resolved by changing the law, but this is a decision of the National Assembly.

According to the Prime Minister, a law related to the activity of the anti-corruption commission must be adopted urgently. According to him, this has to do with both the acceptance of Bulgaria into Schengen and the fight against corruption in the country.

“It is impressive, in the bad sense of the word, that there are very few cases of this nature in the country and single cases of people convicted of corruption,” said Denkov, adding that this is not due to the lack of such practices, but because the justice system and services, do not work well enough on this subject.

The prime minister did not define the relations between GERB-SDS and “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” as tense, but rather it was about mobilization, both for the upcoming local elections and for the work of the parliament.

Ruling party leaders have called for a “breakdown” and “leadership meetings” after their relationship soured over changes in the security services.

According to Denkov, the government was formed in order to achieve main priorities and adopt basic laws. He hopes it “will not be sacrificed for narrow party interests”.

The Prime Minister announced that a leadership meeting is expected, but no date has yet been set for it. Denkov admitted that the regularity of meetings between the parties has been lost and in recent months the leaders have heard each other but not seen each other.

He specified that for the work of parliament, there is a clear schedule of which laws must be adopted.

“This is a common task for the parliamentary majority and I expect it to fulfill its obligations,” the prime minister pointed out.

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