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MRF: Citizens’ Security Must Be Ensured Amid Rising Prices of Basic Consumer Goods

by Momchil Rusev
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Тhe security of citizens must be ensured amid the rising prices of basic consumer goods, said Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) leader Mustafa Karadayi on Friday in a statement on behalf of the parliamentary group at the start of the Parliament’s autumn session.

He noted the importance of the upcoming local elections and pointed out that they require a responsible attitude. 

“We urgently need to adopt the laws related to the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and Schengen, starting with the Commission for Anti-Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture Act,” Karadayi stressed. He argued that even if today’s society is still divided on many issues, a clear majority wants Bulgaria to be part of the EU and NATO, wants Bulgaria to be a democratic and financially stable country, wants to live by European standards. “All of us, as political parties, have a responsibility for this to happen,” the MRF leader said.

“We, from MRF, reaffirm our commitments to stop progressive impoverishment, to ensure effective and targeted use of all EU resources earmarked for Bulgaria, effective and targeted support for vulnerable groups of the population, affordable healthcare, quality education, a predictable environment for business development, sustainable legislation, judicial reform,”  Karadayi added.

He described the constitutional amendments as one of the most important issues before this National Assembly. “Let these debates be the basis for assessing the achievements of democracy over the past 33 years, including the Bulgarian ethnic model. We must remember that any change in the Constitution makes sense only if it meets the requirements of the current times and improves the environment, the living conditions of the citizens,” he pointed out.



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