giovedì, 28 Settembre, 2023
giovedì, 28 Settembre, 2023
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Education Minister: All Bulgaria Celebrates First Day of School

by Momchil Rusev
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The first day of school is a holiday for the whole Bulgarian society, Education Minister Galin Tzokov stated on Friday in his address for the first day of school, the press centre of his Ministry said. It is a celebration of knowledge, he added.

“Today, over 700,000 students will step through the doors of Bulgarian schools. For each of them and their families, today is a day of celebration. And so it is for all those who have linked their lives to the mission of teaching and shaping personalities,” Tzokov pointed out.

“I’d like to make a special appeal to the just over 57,000 first graders who will meet their teachers for the first time today. Dear children, today you will begin a great adventure. An adventure that will be full of challenges, games, discovering new things and learning about the world around you. Be curious, inquisitive and above all happy during the school hours ahead of you. Don’t forget for a moment that school is a place where you will always receive support and understanding. Respect your teachers and communicate with your classmates – friendships with them are priceless,” the Education Minister noted.

He also sent congratulations to the educational teams in all nursery groups and kindergartens, “who lay the foundation without which the success of both school and higher education would be unthinkable”. 

“Last but not least, I congratulate the 398 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad on the first day of school. Dear representatives of the Bulgarian communities and teachers, continue to educate with the same selflessness and give your best to educate the love for our language, culture and homeland in these nearly 30,000 children who live far from Bulgaria, but through you the country will remain in their hearts,” he added.

“I wish all of you – teachers, principals and students, health, prosperity and goodwill! Good luck!”, Tzokov concluded his address.



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