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domenica, 1 Ottobre, 2023
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Bulgaria: Drone with a suspected Bomb was discovered near Tyulenovo – – Sofia News Agency

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A drone of unknown origin and, according to unconfirmed information, with an explosive device, was found on the coast of Tyulenovo. It was found by chance late last night.

UPDATE: The explosive found in the drone near Tyulenovo has been neutralized. More information follows.

It is not clear how the drone ended up on the Bulgarian shore – whether it fell from the air or was washed away by the current. There is also no information about the ownership of the drone. A signal was sent to 112 emergency number. The area is cordoned off.

The man who filed the report and took the photos of the drone, Radoslav Rusev, explained to the National Television that almost 12 hours later there is no investigation of the case.

“I saw the bomb itself on the drone which is taped to it. It is very clearly visible in the pictures. The signal was given at 21:40 p.m. last night. So far there has been no response to my signal, except that the road to Tyulenovo Bay is closed. We have been waiting for ten, eleven hours for some sapper to dive, I guess, so that something happens,” said Radoslav Rusev.

The mayor of the municipality of Shabla Marijan Zhechev explained that the arrival of a team from the Ministry of Defense is awaited.

“At around 9:30 pm last night, I received a call that there was a similar object washed up by the waves. As of 10:10 p.m. last night the area has been cordoned off. The action at this time is an order to cordon off the area to protect the lives and health of the people who live in the area until the arrival of the authorities of the Ministry of Defence,” stated Zhechev.

When asked if the origin of the drone is known, the mayor of Shabla commented that “from what can be seen from afar, it is one of those used in the war in Ukraine.”

The drone is located right next to the village marina.

“Fortunately there is a lot of wind at the moment and not a single boat has gone out to sea yet,” said local resident Georgi Todorov, one of the first to see the drone this morning.

A specialized team from the Naval Forces will carry out reconnaissance and disposal of the object found in Tyulenovo, announced the Ministry of Defense.

A modular munitions disposal formation from the Varna Naval Base was activated early this morning following a report of a found part of a drone with an object resembling ammunition attached to it. The object was discovered last night in the area of the boat dock in Tyulenovo.

The specialist team of five soldiers left at 6:10 a.m. this morning. On site, the specialized team will carry out reconnaissance of the object, after which a decision will be made on where to dispose of it.

The servicemen are acting after receiving a request from the regional governor of the Varna Region and by order of the chief of defense.

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